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It was a cold gray day in Connecticut when Mom asked if I wanted to learn a musical instrument. I told her that guitar would be cool, I was 10. Pop had an old Silvertone Archtop (no case) and Mom enrolled me in private guitar lessons at the Norwich Music Center. By age 15 I began performing with my two older brothers, Wayne on bass guitar and Todd on drums. Pop bought  a sound system to help jumpstart the group. I remember our first gig well, a wedding reception for a close family friend. We played for free...


The '80's were a combination of Punk, Underground and Metal with

various bands and musicians. I still found the time to study classical

guitar with a local recording artist. On Christmas and Easter I

could be heard singing in the Senior Choir at Preston City

Congregational Church. By 21 I relocated to Florida returning

again to classical music in my college years finding the

instrument most challenging.


Most of the '90's were committed to a business career.

In '95 I married my best friend and soulmate Jeanie

and spent the following years raising 3 wonderful

children; Corey, Jason and Joshua. Marching band,

football and baseball filled these years and the

guitar recieved very little attention.


By the turn of the millenium I explored 2nd and 3rd

careers which lead me back to my musical roots. I had to

reinvent a playing style with countless rehersal hours mostly

learning to sing again.


To this day my brothers and I have lives filled with music. Wayne is a

music teacher in New York and Todd a drummer in a prominent Ct. rock group.

Mom still performs in church from time to time. My life has been blessed with

the gift of music and I am grateful for the many friends I have made along the

way. Ultimately, Mom, you are to blame and thanks Pop for tolerating everything

else throughout the years...



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